I am an Engineer who loves to design and <code>

In the world of Cocktails, you've got to have a perfect mix. I'm like a great mix with just right balance of hardwork, fresh perspective and seasoned knowledge to create something beautiful and innovative.

I love executing ideas and build something that people find value in. Whether you'd like to discuss building an idea together, ask me a question or just want to say hi, my inbox is always open :)

  • Part Designer

    • UI/UX
    • Design Systems
    • Prototyping
    • "Making it pop!"
  • Part Coder

    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • React Native
    • NodeJS, ExpressJS, ReactJS
    • Tensorflow (kinda)


Here are some of my favorite books I've read or have on my bookshelf.


Since I was a kid, I've always loved art, craft, drawing and building stuff. While I found creative ventures fun, I always pictured myself wearing a white Naval Officer uniform. Well, things didn't turn out in my favour, that's a different story. But growing up, I was into sports, dance, plays, boy scouts, playing guitar, public speaking... I guess I like to stay active.

I think itโ€™s important to get regular screen downtime, so when Iโ€™m not pushing pixels or swearing at my computer, youโ€™ll find me working on my pull-ups, tending to garden my many house plants, hanging out with friends and family, or just listen to my all time favourite

My love for building stuff, being creative and a dream to make an impact on people's lives made me choose engineering. I started to learn designing and programming in 2019. Since then Iโ€™ve worked at a range of startups. I enjoy the challenge of solving complex customer problems and planning the user experience from the ground up, from research and discovery all the way through to the visual designs and development.

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  1. K.J. Somaiya Institute Of Technology

    2020 โ€” 2024
    CGPA 8.46

    BTech. Electronics and Telecommunication

  2. K.J. Somaiya College Of Science And Commerce

    2018 โ€” 2020

    HSC Science

  3. Smt. K.C. Gandhi English School

    2006 โ€” 2018



  1. Frontend Developer

    Jun 2024 - Present

    Stealth Design

  2. Software Development Engineer Intern

    Jan 2024 - Mar 2024

    Mosaic Wellness (Man Matters, Be Bodywise)

  3. ML Engineerig Intern

    Jul 2023 - Sept 2023

    Mosaic Wellness (Man Matters, Be Bodywise)

  4. Web Developer Intern

    Jul 2022 - Sept 2022

    VOIS (Vodafone)

My skills

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Design
  • Dancing

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It has been an absolute pleasure to put my heart and soul into these projects. While you're here, browse these projects.

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I like to think of myself as a tech-chef who also happens to love sharing the recipes.

Here's the gallery view of some milestones and notable moments that happened so far. And you can always find more information on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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Do you speak Gujarati?
It's ok if you dont, I speak Hindi, Kutchi, Marathi, Sindhi and English too.

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